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"The Free Siamak Pourzand Campaign ! "

Siamak Pourzand,

Siamak Pourzand

journalist, intellectual and manager of Majmue-ye Farhangi-ye Honari-yeTehran (The Tehran Cultural Centre),

disappeared in Tehran on Saturday, 24 November 2001

reportedly sentenced to eight years' imprisonment


Siamak Pourzand   , journalist, intellectual and manager of Majmue-ye Farhangi-ye Honari-yeTehran (The Tehran Cultural Centre), is the husband of human rights lawyer, Mehrangiz Kar.

Siamak Pourzand disappeared in Tehran on Saturday, 24 November, at around 9 o'clock in the evening. He left his sister's apartment in 'Abbas Abad, central Tehran, taking his medicine, shoes and keys. He has not been heard from since.

Siamak Pourzand  had reportedly stated to friends and family that he had been followed by motorcycles and one or two cars in the two weeks before he disappeared. His disappearance may be connected to the fact he runs Majmue-ye Farhangi-ye Honari-ye Tehran (The Tehran Cultural Centre), which has provided facilities for artists, writers and other intellectuals, including well-known women's rights activists, for performance and to discuss their work

Siamak Pourzand recently suffered a heart attack, and was denied any medical attention, according to his family. Amnesty International fears that he is still being ill-treated in custody, and that his life may be in danger.

On 9 March, he was reported to have confessed - in unclear circumstances - to a range of accusations, including having received sums of money to distribute to unnamed journalists and to having "given important political and military information" to Persian language newspapers published outside Iran. He reportedly stated that he "had no particular defence" and that "he recognized himself as a sinner".

On 4 May he was reportedly sentenced to eight years' imprisonment, and there are unconfirmed reports that he was coerced into not seeking an appeal against the sentence.

Siamak Pourzand was reportedly last permitted to meet with his sister, Mahin Pourzand, on 3 May. Siamak Pourzand was reportedly very weak, shaking and holding a cloth over his mouth, raising fears that he may have been ill-treated but did not want to alarm his sister.

He reportedly called his sister on 8 May and told her that on 10 May, she would be "allowed" to see him at the Edare-ye Amaken, or Bureau of Premises, the offices of an organization reportedly responsible for the enforcement of accepted moral codes in companies and other offices. As of six o'clock in the afternoon, Tehran time, no officials had called her.

We support the Free Siamak Pourzand Campaign"

Please sign the petition :

OTHER RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send appeals to arrive as quickly as possible, in English, French or in your own language:
- urging the authorities to allow Siamak Pourzand to receive any medical treatment he needs;
- seeking assurances from the Head of the Judiciary that Siamak Pourzand is not being ill-treated or tortured in custody;
- expressing concern that he appears to be a prisoner of conscience, arrested solely for the peaceful expression of his beliefs;
- expressing concern that he has been denied the right of regular access to legal representation and family visits;
-urging the authorities that, unless he is to be charged with an internationally recognized criminal offence, Siamak Pourzand should be released immediately and unconditionally.


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